Last weekend I decided to switch up the loom configuration to weave a different pattern. There’s still a lot of warp left so I didn’t touch anything about the threading, but I had picked this particular threading because it supported a pretty diverse range of patterns with different tie-ups. The re-tie to a new treadling pattern took an hour or two, and involved a switch from three shafts per treadle to four. The new pattern seems to beat much tighter than the previous one — throwing the same sort of picks the weft density is now twice what it was before, something like 50 picks per inch! It makes for a nice dense cloth with high pattern contrast, but I’m worried that at this density it will take forever to make up the yardage I need for my project. When I can find some time to do more weaving I’ll probably try shortening the picks and perhaps tightening the warp tension to force a looser sett. Not sure when that will be, though — I’ve been looking at my calendar and to-do list and there are a lot of important things that need to happen in February! And I’ll be on a trip to Japan the last week of the month…

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